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We at St. Vincent de Paul Church recognize fully that our church is built not only by bricks and cement but mostly by the living parishioners who are filled with faith in God and love of their church. Our spiritual strength and prosperity is brought up by each and every parishioner who is willing to share with joy that what God has given him/her with fellow parishioners to build up God’s kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. One person can’t build up the parish by his/herself. The active involvement of every parishioner is extremely vital to bring the life of the Gospel in the parish. We are all invited to deeply pray as we ask ourselves how we (individually and collectively) can get involved in the life our parish to allow spiritual growth and thus be able to live the Gospel of Christ at St. Vincent de Paul Church and be able to carry it to the ends of the earth.  Below are five areas you are invited to involve yourself at St. Vincent de Paul Church.



Giving Ministry

Business Meeting

Leadership Ministries

Sermon in Church

Liturgical Ministries


Outreach Ministries

Women Eating Donut

Parish Life Ministries

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