SHARE THE WEALTH WINNERS

Share the Wealth Winners of the night (June 12, 2021):

Auction Item & Winners:

  1. Italian Basket: Vince Cutrie Jr

  2. Potter Heating & AC Gift Certificate: Mr. Ferguson

  3. Griddle & Basket of Goodies: Jennifer Close

  4. $100 Wegmans gift card with quilt & candle: Sr. Rosemarie Freitag

  5. Jewelry Baskets with quilt & candle: Kathy Visser

  6.  Black & Decker 20V Max string Trimmer: David Price

  7. Outdoor Basket with Pool Float: Lynn Recore


50/50 winners:

  1. Sui Niang

  2. Lauren Visser


10 $75 prizes:

  1. Mary Recore

  2. Sr. Rosemarie Freitag

  3. Dave Deuel

  4. Anne Dwyer

  5. Bea Keefe

  6. Pasty Vercillo

  7. Jack-Lynn Corcoran

  8. Carol Louise

  9. Judy Lewis

  10. Elizabeth Kurniewicz


Share the Wealth Ticket Winners:

$1,000: Tom Knapp, Joe D’Amore, Tim Winterfield, Jeff Burr

$1,000: Mary Jo & Jim Beamish

$1,000: Janice N. Ray

$1,000: Mary Klee

$1,000: Bill Overmohle

$2,500: Lauren Visser

$2,500: Mr. John C. Smith, Jr

$10,000: Mike Bergett


We want to THANK everyone who bought a ticket, 418 tickets were sold! Also, a special Thanks to everyone who helped with the Spring Fling Dinner and the various Share the Wealth mailings! With your help and support we raised $10,000 for the Parish and School.