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November 21: 8am Ken & Peg Weidman From: Chris Weidman

November 21:  9am Barbara Stachelek From: Marge Lanza, Elaine Seager, Nancy Tolbert, Angela O'Brien, Suzanne Stout

November 22: Anna Louise    From: Jim & Teresa DeWitt

November 23: Thanksgiving Day - Mass at St. Vincent

November 24: Dorothy Wells     From: The McKean Family

November 25: Joanne & Maria Kammers   From: Family

November 26:  7:30am  70th Anniversary - In Honor of Sr. Mary Bernard Sabel   From: St. Matthews School Friends


November 26: 9:15am George & Mary Hahn     From: Family

November 27: Barbara Stachelek       From: Rosary & Altar Society


November 28: Linda Castrello             From: Bernie & Sheila Corbishley


November 29: Souls of the Vanguard Family      From: Family


November 30: George & Gertrude Weidman     From: Chris Weidman


December 1: Morina & Stagnitta Families      From: Jim & Teresa DeWitt

December 2: Gregory Hopkins & Peter Moro From: Sister & Family Wife for Peter Moro

Sunday, December 3rd

7:30am: June Weidman    From: Chris Weidman

9:15am: Anna & Tony Nappi   From: Family


Monday, December 4th -8am: 100th Birthday for Patsy Palmiere    From: Family


Tuesday, December 5th -8am: Mary Brigandi   From: Unknown


Wednesday, December 6th -8am: Souls of the Vangura Family    From: Family


Thursday, December 7th -8am: Helen Law   From: Law Family


Friday, December 8th –

8am: Roderic(Ron) Wood Groat   From: Chris Weidman

9am: Barbara Stachelek    From: Betty Metallo

6pm: Rose O'Connor    From: Steve & Alice Heffron


Saturday, December 9th -5:15pm: Harry Fowler    From: Silvio & Laurie Ascenzo


Sunday, December 10th

7:30am: Ken Weidman   From: Chris Weidman

9:15am: Mary Linehan & Jean Suits    From: Children & Jane Pattee


Monday, December 11th -8am: Ed Cowan    From: Gumpper Family


Tuesday: December 12th -8am: Ken & Jane Weidman    From: Chris Weidman


Wednesday, December 13th -8am: Mary Linehan   From: Children


Thursday: December 14th - 8am: Sandy Kane   From: Carolyn Armstrong


Friday: December 15th -8am: Barbara Stachelek   From: Mary Rougeau


Saturday: December 16th -5:15pm  Stella DeFio-Birthday    From: Family


Sunday: December 17th

7:30am:Mary Linehan & Jean Suits    From: Jane Pattee

9:15am: Helen Cowan   From: The Gumppers


Monday: December 18th -8am: Michael M. Macko   From: Family


Tuesday: December 19th -8am: Carmella Pietrantoni    From: Family


Wednesday: December 20th -8am: Norma Satterlee   From: Grandchildren


Thursday: December 21st -8am: Angelo & Dolores Militello  From Dc. Michael & Sharon Colabufo


Friday: December 22nd -8am: Frank & Matilda     From: Michael Salace


Saturday: December 23rd -5:15pm: Sam & Amelia Vaccarro & Mary Ann V. Byam   From: Family


Sunday: December 24th

7:30am:  People of the Parish

9:15am: People of the Parish

4:00pm:  People of the Parish


Monday: December 25th

12am: People of the Parish

9:15am People of the Parish


Tuesday: December 26th -8am: Virgina Cordone & Deceased Members of the Cordone Family   From: Estate


Wednesday: December 27th -8am: Norma Nendza      From: Family


Thursday: December 28th -8am: Carr & Williamson Families   From: William Carr


Friday: December 29th -8am: George & Anne Chase    From: Peg Chase


Saturday: December 30th

5:15pm  People of the People


Sunday: December 31st

7:30am: People of the Parish

9:15am People of the Parish



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