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May 1 Mildred Herrick by Rita Thompson

May 2 Harold & Angeline Thompson by Family

May 3 Joseph Mazella by Jay & Girls

May 4 @ 5:15pm- Rose Ilacqua by Judy, Maria, & George, Jr.


May 5 @ 7:30am For our Fallen Heroes Officer Michael Jensen and Lietutenant Michael Hoosock

May 5 @ 9:15am Chuck Louise by Joe & Dona Falciatano

May 6:  For the daily pain and suffering


May 7: For our troubled world 

May 8: For peace in our homes


May 9: 8am For those who are broken hearted 

             School Mass-  9am Barbara Barry by Rita & Dutch Ducharme 


May 10:    8am  For those who suffer from the loss of a loved one              


May 11 @ 5:15:   Thomas McNamara by Sisters-Mary & Joan


May 12 @ 7:30AM: Norma Hamilton Family by McKean, Gately & Magnarelli Families

May 12 @ 9:15AM: Stella DeFio by Family 

May 13: Carol Lousie by Joan Decker

May 14:  For our Confirmation Candidates

May 15: For respect of all life 

May 16:  For the brave women and men serving in the military

May 17:  Jean Bonito by Barbara Hildenbrand


May 18 @ 5:15: Barbara Barry by Donna Hurn 


May 19 @ 7:30AM: Paula DeStefano by Husband 

May 19 @ 9:15AM: Anotonio Bianchetti by Tony Saia, Leo Saia, Shelia Mikelis


May 20:  Robert Cusano by Mary & Damian Ulatowski

May 21:  Abrielle Nicole Lynch by Donna & Michael Angarano


May 22:  Rosemary Zombik by Cousin


May 23:  Thomas J Law by Law Family


May 24:   Norma Nendza 1st Anniversary by Family


May 25 @ 5:15:  Emaline, Walter, and Thomas Collins by Rougeau Family


May 26 @ 7:30AM: Richard Stachelek by Family


May 26 @ 9:15AM: James Grubka from Donna Hurn and Faith Formation

May 27:  


May 28:  


May 29:  


May 30:  


May 31:  


June 1 @ 5:15: Leone, Semak, Vangel, & DeRosa by Semak & Vangel Families  


June 2 @ 7:30AM: People of the Parish

June 2 @ 9:15AM: Rose Ilacqua by Mr. & Mrs. David Bull

June 3: James Grubka by Barbara Hildenbrand

June 4: Edviga Kurniewicz by Daughter

June 5: Robert Cusano by Fran Foley

June 6: Harold Thompson by Wife & Family

June 7: 8am Mary Maurillo by The Gumppers

              9am Barbara Barry by Toni & Hap Carguello (School Mass)

June 8: 5:15pm Robert Cusano by Anne Dwyer

June 9: 7:30am Rev Msgr. Robert E. Dillon by Jim & Teresa DeWitt

June 9: 9:15am George & Mary Hahn by Family

June 10: Jane Carr by Family

June 11:

June 12: Martha Yagaza by The Rectory Staff

June 13: 

June 14: Harry Louise, Sr by Louise Family

June 15: 5:15pm Mitchell & Mary Back by Family

June 16: 7:30am Virginia "Ginnie" Guenvear by McKean, Gately, & Magnarelli Families

               9:15am People of the Parish

June 17: Rosemary Zombik by Cousin

June 18: Paula DeStefano by Husband

June 19:


June 20: 19th Anniversary Mary M. Macko by Family

June 21:

June 22: 5:15pm John Noble by Leslie Noble 

June 23: 7:30am Dorothy Wells by McKean, Gately, Wells, & Magnarelli Families

               9:15am Richard Stachelek by Family

June 24: 

June 25: Frank & Jeannie Colabufo by Dc. Mike & Sharon Colabufo

June 26: Harold Thompson by Wife & Family


June 27: Susan Foley by Family


June 28:

June 29: 5:15pm Thomas F. White by Mary Rougeau 

June 30: 7:30am People of the Parish

                9:15am Raven Springer by Robert Atanasio


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