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PARKING FOR THE HANDICAPPED                                                   

There are a number of handicapped parking spaces in front of the rectory on the western side of the church. Anyone using those spaces must clearly display a handicapped parking display tag or license plate. 


HANDICAP RAMP                                                                                                

There is a handicap ramp on the west side of the church which will take one into church with any kind of mobility equipment. 


SPECIAL NEEDS SEATING                                                                   

For those who may have mobility difficulty or other special needs, there is up front, to the left of the church, two reserved pews. At communion time, the Eucharistic Minister will come to you and therefore, you will not need to leave the pew to approach the altar.


EUCHARIST FOR THE HOMEBOUND                                                        

If you know of anyone who is sick and homebound and who would like to receive the Eucharist, please contact the rectory at 315.437.3394 to arrange a visit.


GIFT BEARERS                                                                                          

If you have a Mass intention to be said for a loved one and would like to bring up the gifts at the Offertory, please speak with an usher prior to Mass.


LOW GLUTEN HOSTS                                                                            

Low gluten hosts are available who those who need them. Please come to the sacristy prior to Mass and speak with the priest. At communion time, please come down the center aisle and receive from the priest.


CHILDREN SAFETY                                                                                  

We want our children to be safe at all times. Adults should accompany all children to the restroom at all times.

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