127th Anniversary of St Anne’s Novena


JULY 24, 25 and 26, 2021

At St Vincent de Paul Church, Corner of 342 Vine St  & Hawley Ave.

Any questions call the rectory at 315 479-6689.

Sat July 24 4:00pm:
Guest:  Fr John Rose, Mass & Devotional Prayers

Sun July 25  7:00pm:
Guest:  Fr Charles Chukwuani & Fr Yagaza, Special Mass of Anointing & Prayers

Mon July 26  7:00pm:
Guest: Bishop Douglas Lucia Mass, Candlelight Procession, & Rosary

Church is air conditioned!


JULY 24, 25 and 26, 2021


The first pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Church was Rev. William F. Dougherty.  He was Pastor from 1894 to 1944 - fifty years.  Reading the history of the Church, it began in 1889 in the Oak Street Area near Hawley Avenue in the parlor of Miss Lillie Burns who gathered children into her parlor every Sunday afternoon to teach them about the faith.  From that beginning a Mission Sunday school was formed.  Average attendance was 30 to 40 children.  Also, Priests from St. John Cathedral parish helped.


The following year a one and a half story wooden cottage at the corner of Vann Street and Greenway was purchased for $1000.  The building was enlarged to accommodate 225 people.  Property was purchased in the surrounding area (where the Church and School are now) and plans for a church developed and Father Dougherty was appointed Pastor.


On the Feast Day of St. Vincent de Paul designated on July 19, 1896 (today the feast day is celebrated on September 27) in the basement of the church, the first Mass was celebrated by Father Dougherty.  This was a High Mass and marked the opening of 40 Hours devotion.  The basement Church was used for Divine Services until the completed church was dedicated by Bishop Ludden on November 7, 1897. 


Father Dougherty had a rectory, school and convent built.  He obtained the services of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet to assume charge at the new school when it was opened in 1916.


One of the spiritual events in each recurring year was the Annual Devotion to St. Anne on July 26.  Father Dougherty conducted pilgrimages to St. Anne’s Shrine in Canada for many years.  Legend has it that Father Dougherty requested an intention from St. Anne and she answered his prayers.  He thanked her by promoting devotion to her which St. Vincent de Paul parish still has today!!! The first novena was for nine days. Father Alfred Nortz, Father Wilbur Votraw, Father John Rose and now Father Severine Yagaza has continued this tradition. The three-day devotion is July 24, 25 and 26.  This year, three speakers have been invited: 


Sat July 24, 2021- 4:00pm:
Guest: Fr John Rose Mass & Devotional Prayers


Sun July 25, 2021- 7:00pm:
Guest: Fr Charles Chukwuani & Fr Severine Yagaza Special Mass of Anointing & Prayers


Mon July 26, 2021- 7:00pm:
Guest: Bishop Douglas Lucia Mass, Candlelight Procession, & Rosary


The Veneration of the Relic of St. Anne.  Candles and flowers may be purchased to place at the Altar of St. Anne, and on her Feast Day, there will be an outdoor procession (weather permitting.)  A blessing of children will take place on July 26th at noon. (The Church is air conditioned).  People from all over the city come to this event to ask St. Anne to answer their petitions.  We thank the Lord for all His Blessings, and we pray that we will be here for future generations.  Mary, Daughter of St. Anne, Pray for Us. Church is air conditioned!


On Saturday October 30, 2020 the religious education children were able to gather at the church to celebrate Halloween as it is tied together with the celebrations of ALL SAINTS and ALL SOULS. With the support from St. Augustine Church in Baldwinsville, our children were able to work on pumpkins. They enjoyed painting them and created faces in them. Children were able to pray together and enjoy a little lunch and receive little gifts. All CDC regulations were observed to keep our children safe. They were very grateful to get together and celebrate.