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I always enjoy my time at St Vincent for several reasons.  

  • It is a stunningly beautiful church and I have always felt the Holy Spirit there.

  • The Folk Group and the Parishioners that I have met have ALWAYS made me so very welcome and appreciated.  The people are very open and generous in their gratitude.

  • I really appreciate the diversity in the parish.  I come from parishes where there is not very much diversity so when at SVC I try to drink in as much culture as possible.  Being a musician, I speak a universal language, and I’m very blessed to be able to bring it to a place where we are all different yet we come together as one

I consider SVC to be a very vibrant parish full of life and love and it is a true blessing to be able to come and play and raise my voice to God when I get the chance.



I have grown up at St. Vincent. I went to school here. It is a welcoming faith community. I love it with my whole heart.



I’ve always loved St Vincent mainly because my journey through this church has made me into the man I am today and because I’ve always been able to sing out to the masses to share God’s voice freely and because it gives me a proudness to share the voice of God to those in need. It’s also been the church I’ve known at core for my life. Without the church I’d be nothing. This is why I love St. Vincent I was molded from here and because it stands as the beacon of hope for me to go on.

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