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WHAT is Baptism:

The sacrament of Baptism is the first step taken to begin your child’s beautiful journey of faith.
As your child is
baptized, they will forever be wrapped in the “agape” love of Christ. They will be washed of their sin and welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven. In a small moment with a splash of water they are initiated into the family of the living church. Though they will not remember that day and it will only be something that they are told about when taking trips down memory lane, they will leave that day sealed and signed by God.

WHO will be at your Baptism:

The day of the Baptism you will be supported by your Christian brothers and sisters all standing
witness. You will stand at the font with your priest, the parents and the chosen Godparents.
WHEN will your child be Baptized:
To schedule your child’s Baptism please call (315-479-6689), email (
or visit the parish office.


A few side notes…
Who can be a Godparent (sponsor)?
The role of a Godparent in the Catholic faith is not something to choose lightly. These should be
people you know well. Their role will be to help your child grow in Christ; and, should you ever
not be able to, completely take over your child’s faith education. They do not have to be related
to you. At least on
e Catholic should to be a confirmed Catholic in good standing with the church.

How old does my child have to be?
Most children are baptized relatively soon after they are born but they can be as old as 7 years
of age for a “traditional” baptism. After that your child should be entered into an RCIC (Right of
Christian Initiation of Children) program.


If you would like information on this please call (315-479-6689), email ( or visit the parish office.

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