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The architecture of St. Vincent De Paul Church as many Catholic churches manifests the true Catholic faith as found in the history of salvation both in the Holy Scriptures as well as in the Holy Traditions of the Church. 


The Altars 

The High Altar is built of marbles on the east side of the building. Next to it by the wall is an altar to hold tabernacle. There are two other altars on the two sides of church: on the north side is Blessed Virgin Mary’s altar with a human size statue of Mary and on the south side is St. Joseph’s altar with a human size statue of St. Joseph.


Baptismal Font

By St. Joseph’s altar is where the movable baptismal font is placed.  


The Communion Rail

St. Vincent De Paul church has maintained its Communion rail which separates the altar space and the Nave.  



There are two walk-in confessionals one the north front side of the church by BVM altar and one on the rear south side under the choir loft.


The Choir Loft

The church has the choir loft in the back with built in pipe organ and the space for a full choir to sit.


The Narthex (Vestibule)

As you enter the church through the main door (facing west) there a porch-like structure to prepare people entering the church. When you pass this first vestibule, there is the second one which narrow before you enter into the main church space (nave).  To create more space for people to congregate and as the number parishioners dropped, in recent years some pews in the back were taken away. 


Full Basement

St. Vincent De Paul Church is graced to have a full basement which houses the parish hall, full commercial kitchen, Chapel and few offices, and few religious education classes


Stain Glass Windows

The stain glass windows are so rich in the faith and beauty. They are found throughout the church and they bring beautiful and colorful lights during the day.


Above the main altars (East Side)

There are five big windows. The middle window portrays Jesus Christ standing. On the left are windows of St. Anne, grandmother of Jesus with young Mary standing. On the right is St. Joseph carrying baby Jesus and St. Vincent de Paul carrying a child in his hand and accompanying another child on the other hand.


On the side of BVM Altar

On the front north sidewall are three windows the angel in the middle flanked by St. Matthew and St. Mark, the evangelists.


On St. Joseph’s Altar side

On the front south sidewall are three windows with the angel in the middle flanked by St. Luke and St. John, the evangelists. 


The north side big window

This window is on top of the confessional. It is the Nativity window with the baby Jesus in the manger surrounded by Mary and Joseph. There are shepherds on the left and three magi on the right carrying gifts. On top of the manger is an angel singing, “Gloria in excelsis Deo.”


The south side big window

This window is on the top of St. Anne’s altar. It is the scene of Ascension. It shows Jesus ascending into heaven accompanied by the angels. Below are eleven apostles looking at him ascending.


Lower windows in South side of the Nave

In this side of the Nave are eight windows each portraying a saint. Starting next to St. Anne’s altar are: St. Rose of Lima, St. Louis of France, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Catherine of Sienna, St. Margaret Mary, St. Bernard, and St. Aloysius, St. Michael.


Lower windows in North side of the Nave

In this side of the Nave are eight windows each portraying a saint. Starting from the confessional under the Nativity window are: St. Aloysius, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Theresa of Avila, S. Agnes, St. Patrick, St. John the Baptist, St. Brigit, and St. Cecilia.


The Main Entrance

On top of the main door is the stain glass showing Jesus giving Keys to St. Peter Matthew 16:16-20. On the left side of the entrance is the window showing Jesus and an apostle while on the right hand side is the scene of the Last Supper showing Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.




There are four beautiful paint drawings on top walls by the main altar. 


On Blessed Virgin Mary’s side

 The portrait facing the main altar shows baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the drawing facing the Nave shows BVM giving rosary to two children. 


On St. Joseph’s altar side

The portrait facing the main altar is the scene of Annunciation where BVM is kneeling down visited by an Angel. The drawing facing the Nave shows Jesus, Mary and Joseph





There are seven human size statues in the interior of St. Vincent Church:

  1. The first two statues are BVM’s statue placed on the north side altar and St. Joseph placed on the south side altar.

  2. The big statue of St. Vincent De Paul accompanies with children is placed on one of the front poll on BVM altar side.

  3. The big statue of Jesus of Sacred Heart is on one of the front poll on St. Joseph’s altar side.

  4. On the front south side of the church is the shrine of St. Anne with a big statues of St. Anne holding baby Jesus in the middle flanked by statues of St. Therese of Avilla on the left and St. Anthony of Padua on the right.   

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