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The architecture of Blessed Sacrament as many Catholic churches embeds the fundamental teachings of the Catholic faith as found in the history of salvation flowing from the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Traditions of the Church. 


The worship interior ground of the church manifests classical, historical cruciform architecture as it runs from north to south and from east to west.  


The Altar of Sacrifice

The High Altar is of marble and it is well established in the center of a vast frontal area to provide enough space of worship. On its east the presider’s chair and on its west is the lectern. 


Baptismal Font

On the east side of the High Altar is very elaborate baptismal font.


The Altar of Repose

Behind the Main Altar on the north side of the church by the northern wall is the Altar of Repose where the tabernacle is. 


The Sacristy

On the west side of the tabernacle is the door leading to the sacristy of the church where liturgical vestments are kept and the clergy prepare for liturgies


Flower Room

On the east side of the tabernacle is the door leading to the flower room which is a multi-purpose room to store things used in the church.


Blessed Mother Shrine

The altar is on the front east side of the church. There is a statue of Blessed Mother and also a rack of candles. 


St. Joseph Shrine

The altar is on the front west side of the church. There is a statue of St. Joseph and also a rack of candles. 



On the front west side of the church between the church building and the rectory there is a chapel which is used both for daily Masses and as a serenity space for private prayer before the Holy Eucharist.



There are four walk-in confessionals two in each of the main side of the church (west and east), one facing Blessed Mother altar and the fourth one facing St. Joseph altar. 


Choir Loft 

At the back of the Nave is well-erected choir loft with a very elaborate built in pipe organ.


Narthex (vestibule)

Entering the church through the main entrance doors in the south side of the church, there is a good established vestibule with the bathroom in the west and the liturgical ministers meeting space. Set of doors separates this space before one enters into the Nave (the main part of the church).



Stain Glass Windows

The stain glass windows in this church building are so rich in Catholic teaching. 


North side windows

There are four big windows on top of the tabernacle.  


West Side

  • Abraham is ready to offer his only son Isaac as sacrifice to God on Mount Moriah. The Angel of God prevents Abraham to do so. (Genesis 22: 1 – 19)

  • Jesus, the high priest offers the perfect sacrifice of bread and wine

East Side

  • The scene of the Last Supper: Jesus and his disciples

  • Jesus is before the Sanhedrin



Windows on the Transept walls

On two transept walls are three windows in one in each wall


West Transept

  • On the center is God the Father, God the Holy Spirit upon incarnate God the Son who is doing carpentry work with Joseph while Mary on the right watches them working. On the left Mary and Joseph are looking for lost Jesus (at age twelve).  They found him and the angels carry banners written, “He went back to Nazareth and remained to them.”


East Transept

  • The scene of Resurrection and Ascension. There is a scene of an empty tomb and Jesus ascends into heaven. On top the angels carry banners written, “Go to prepare place for you and Shall return to take you with me.” The ascending Jesus is flanked by angels and below are apostles looking at Jesus.



Windows on the Nave walls

On each side of Nave there are upper line of eleven big windows and the lower line of six small windows 


Upper Line of Big Windows


West Side from North to South 

St. Anne and St. Joachim: Grandparents of Jesus

St. Peter and St. Andrew, the apostles

St. John and St. James Major, the apostles

St. James Minor and St. Thomas, the apostles

Saints Francis and Clare

St. Teresa of Avila


East Side from North to South 

St. Timothy and St. Stephen

St. Phillip and St. Bartholomew

St. Simon and St. Matthew

St. Jude Thaddeus and St. Paul

St. Dominic and St. Augustine

St. Aloysius



Lower Line of Small Windows



West Side from North to South 
  • Annunciation: Mary and the Archangel Gabriel

  • Holy Family baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph

  • Presentation of Jesus in the temple before Simeon

  • Jesus 12 years old in the temple teaching the elders

  • Jesus teaching apostles

  • Jesus blesses a child

  • Jesus invites Peter to walk on the waters

  • Jesus raising up the child from the dead

  • Jesus gives Peter keys of the kingdom.

  • Resurrection of Jesus

  • The story of the Good Samaritan

  • Jesus forgives the woman caught in the act of adultery.

East Side from North to South

  • Ascension of Jesus into heaven

  • Assumption of Mary into heaven​

  • The Risen Lord makes himself known to his disciples

  • The Risen Lord makes himself known two disciples at Emaus at the breaking of bread.

  • Women meet with an angel at the tomb of Jesus

  • Jesus is buried in the tomb

  • Jesus on the cross surrounded by her mother, John and soldiers

  • Jesus and the disciples

  • The crowd cry “crucify him” and Jesus receiving the crown of thorns

  • Peter denying Jesus the third time and the cockcrows.

  • Last Supper

  • Blessing of children


The Rose Window


The Rose window is in the center of south wall of the church facing James Street. The window is circular in shape surrounded with 15 small circular windows each containing one of the 15 Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, based on long-standing custom established by Pope Pius V (in office 1566–1572). These groups of the mysteries in three sets are the Joyful Mysteries, the Sorrowful Mysteries, and the Glorious Mysteries. Looking Rose Window from outside, it surrounds the Crucifix at the center.

Story Behind the Rose Window


For many years the Rose window could be admired from the front of the church during the daylight hours. However, during the evening and overnight hours, the window and all of its unique features could not be viewed due to the darkness coming from within the building.


It was during this time that a long time parishioner noticed the rose window in the James Street Methodist Church on the corner of James Street and Rigi Ave just down the street. She admired how the rose window could be seen in all its beauty during the day and especially at night because of the light that filtered through it.


She wanted to have BSV Rose Window lit up at night. Located only a short distance apart, both church rose windows could be seen from James Street. Her hope was that others would come to enjoy and cherish the view of both churches rose windows as they pass by them. She also believed that our neighboring community would benefit from the aestheticism brought by these colorful rose windows. 


She longed to see the day when her dream would come to fruition. A light was installed behind the rose window but not before she passed away. Wanting to honor her memory, her husband made a donation to our church to install a light for the rose window. Not only did his donation cover the cost of the installation of the light but it also maintains it in the years to come.      

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