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Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry programs operate outside of the Faith Formation schedule of classes and serve to enrich our youth as they journey to know Christ better. Please check back here often as we are in the process of growing this ministry. Some of the groups we hope to have in the fall are things like:

Young Adult Bible Study (Anyone out of high school, 21 age limit) - This group will meet
biweekly to discuss scripture and how to bring Christ more into their lives.


Teen Bible Study (Grades 9-12) - A student lead group that will meet biweekly to discuss and delve deep into the scriptures. Passages will be selected by a student leader and discussion with snacks will follow.

Teen Youth Group (Grade 9-12) - This group will meet weekly and will have a wide range of

Middle School Youth Group (Grades 5-8) - This group will meet weekly and have a wide range of activities.

Elementary School Youth Group (Grades 2-4) This group will meet monthly and be primarily activity based, movie time, games etc.


Youth Work Group - This group will meet as needed and will be service-based. They will help to complete needed work around the church and community.

Student lead tutoring - This group will be led by students and will serve to help other students achieve academic success. Students will lead 2-hour sessions where they can bring homework/schoolwork that they are struggling with.

All of these groups will take time and energy to coordinate. Please be patient as we get rolling. Please also be as vocal as possible about what you and your children may want to see out of these programs.

CATECHISTS NEEDED Actively seeking catechists for all grades to help instruct in our Youth Program. Contact Youth Minister, Zach Martin at


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Classes will start 9/10

2nd Grade - Sunday 1130AM

3 & 4th Grade - Tuesday 6:00PM

5 & 6th - Wednesday 6:00PM

7 & 8th - Thursday 6:00PM

All dates and information can be found at the church website. For individual questions see Faith Formation Director Kim Mann at

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