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Sunday Gospel Reflections for Lent 2023 With a Connection to God’s Creation

Sunday Gospel Reflections for Lent 2023 With a Connection to God’s Creation

As Winter gradually slides behind us here in the Northern Hemisphere, Lent comes upon us with its opportunities to reflect and commit (or recommit) to what is truly important. One truly important gift we have been given is God’s Earth and its creation. The Earth where we live is so perfectly placed in relationship with the Sun and in constant motion necessary to nurture our lives, all other types of life and the elements needed for life to flourish.

Our Diocesan Care for our Common Home Task Force hopes these weekly reflections throughout Lent and continuing through Easter Sunday based on our Sunday Gospel texts help all of us to appreciate God’s gift of creation more deeply. These reflections are prayerfully offered as we more firmly establish our foundational relationship with God our Creator, with Jesus, and with the Holy Spirit.

First Sunday of Lent – Temptations in the desert - Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert” (Matthew 4:1, New American Version) where he fasted, prayed, and was tempted.

Why did the Spirit lead Jesus into the desert? Are we not in some way brought back to what is most important by experiencing any natural place? The desert was a significant natural space near Jesus.

God’s creation, whether it be a beach, a forest, the seashore, a meadow, a desert, or any other quiet, natural place can bring us closer to God, just as the desert in Galilee helped Jesus in his humanity resist temptations and confirm his call to live a life full of compassion and love.

Consider getting more in touch with God’s creation in the days and weeks ahead. As Spring unfolds, consider a walk or a sit in nature’s midst. Recall how perhaps past experiences with nature have deepened your commitment to our Lord. New experiences with creation help us to more appreciate God’s beauty and love. New experiences with nature also refresh us and remind us how important God’s creation really is. We came from the Earth and to the Earth we shall return.

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