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St. Vincent De Paul Prayer List

WE ASK YOUR PRAYERS FOR THE SPIRITUAL COMFORT AND RESTORATION OF HEALTH FOR: Donna & Bob Ruth, Alberta DeStefano, Ron Egerbrecht, Peter Aloi, Luella Powers,

Santo Prince, Toni Franklyn, Edward Wortley, Sr., Martha Barnett, Alden Stearns, Frank D. Montalto, Maria Conti, Michael Roach, Lorraine Hickox, Linda Barbus, Sue Winchell, Martha

Murphy, Sandra Betts, Desiree Landers, Anne Marie Drury, Frank Tesorio, John Ferguson (brother of Sue Overton and Linda James), Kristen Berg (granddaughter of John and Carm

Fitzgerald), Mary Ann Delaney, Athian Athian, and Marian Brooks. Please pray for the repose of the souls of Wolff Garritano, Barbara Delaney, sister of Fr. Will Votraw and Lena (Landi)

Massara, aunt of Donna Ruth, who passed away on September 5.

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