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St Vincent de Paul "Focus on our Parishioners" from the Parish/Alumni Newsletter- Patty IIaqua

"Focus on our Parishioners"-Patty Ilaqua

My roots at St. Vincent’s are deep. I was born into the Parish, baptized here, and lived at 218 Delhi St. with my parents and grandmother for the first eight years of my life. During that time I attended St. Vincent’s School from Kindergarten through Fourth Grade, making my first Holy Communion here in May of Second Grade. Some of my fondest memories of those years were coming to the St. Anne’s Novena (when it was nine nights) with my mother and grandmother. My family moved to Eastwood when I was nine and I transferred to Huntington School and began going to Blessed Sacrament Church with my new friends. I stayed at B.S. through high school, college and adulthood.

My education continued at Le Moyne College and I found my career path in teaching. I taught sixth grade in the East Syracuse Minoa District for 28 wonderful years.

I eventually found my way back to St. Vincent’s as a result of my mother’s passing in 2007 and becoming acquainted with Father Wilbur Votraw. His kindness and compassion to me and in his officiating at her funeral convinced me that this is the Parish I belonged in. I’ve been here ever since working from time to time at the Fish Dinners, as a greeter at the 9:30 Mass, and a member of the Parish Council.

St. Vincent’s is a very special Parish. The people here are friendly, sincere and truly love their Parish. I hope the Church and I have much more time together.

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