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St Vincent Alumni in the Spotlight- Gene Staffiere "62 from the St Vincent de Paul Parish/Alumni Newsletter February 2024

Here are Gene’s answers to our Alumni questionnaire:

What do you value most from your time at St. Vincent’s?

Friendships and an excellent education.

What do you remember most vividly about your time at St. Vincent’s?

Sister Gloria DeCotis- (aka Sister Joseph Anthony - Kindergarten and grades 7 and 8 teacher). We kept in touch. Dances, Basketball Games, Burning of the Church, “Our Miss Brooks” Production -1962. I remember being the County and Parochial League foul shooting

champion. The record of 24/25 stood for over 25 years.

What did you do after leaving St. Vincent’s?

I went to college and joined the Navy. I attended Lemoyne College as an undergraduate and obtained a degree in Business Administration. After that I became a member of the Urban Teacher Program at Syracuse University and received my Master’s Degree in Education. I taught for a few years in Syracuse and then pursued a doctorate in education. This led me to becoming a principal for a few years. I met my wife of 52 years (she too was a teacher). We married in August of 1971. Moved to the Potsdam, NY area for five years. Had two sons while serving as a principal in the Potsdam area. Moved to Maine in 1980 where my wife is from and have been there ever since. Left education in 1982 and became a fund raiser for various companies- schools being my primary focus. Retired several years ago.

Tell us a little bit about what you are doing now.

I am retired and living in Veazie, Maine with my wife Joan. She just retired from a long career in education, as a teacher, principal, and University Instructor. I have two sons who are both

educators and four grandchildren (2 boys and 2 girls). I love attending their activities.

Are you still involved with St. Vincent’s?

I live in Maine but stay in contact with a few classmates. I enjoy this newsletter very much.

Anything else you care to share about St. Vincent’s?

There is nothing comparable to the Parochial School experience. It provided a great education, excellent school experience, a social life, and athletic opportunities for boys. I vividly remember a high school varsity baseball game that lasted 18 innings. The baseball players were late for the prom!

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