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St Vincent Altar Rosary Society

Learn all about the St Vincent de Paul Altar Rosary Society:

The society is open to all Parish members and exists to promote devotion to the Holy

Rosary, maintain care of the Altar of the Church, and enrich the spirituality of its

members and the St. Vincent de Paul Community it serves. The Altar Rosary Society has

been doing what they can to continue their mission throughout their existence at

St. Vincent’s. The Annual Spaghetti Dinner operated again in 2023 on a pre-order,

curbside pick-up model. They also held their Annual Thanksgiving Apple Pie Sale and Christmastime cookie sale. We are grateful for their hard work and dedication as donations were made to the Parish as well as to Sister Joana’s Christmas Giving Tree initiative.

The Society is always looking for new members with whom to share the fellowship of this ministry. For more information, please contact Sandy Vieau, at 315-569-3039.

*This information can also be found in St Vincent de Paul Parish/Alumni Newsletter from February 2024.

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