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St Vincent 50/50 Program

Thanks to all who continue to support our 50/50 Program. The

revenue from our 50/50 Program is used to support our Youth

Programs. St. Vincent’s recently hired a part-time Youth Minister, Zach

Miller to bring back our Youth Programming after its temporary

suspension due to COVID.

Remember - For just $5.00 you could be the next winner! St. Vincent’s

appreciates your continued support.

Congratulations to the past six winners of the 50/50:

July Joan & Vince Cutrie (Blessed Sacrament) $450

August Shirley Strauss (Alumnus) $380

September Marcia Ryan (Alumnus) $355

October Eleanor O’Donnell (Blessed Sacrament) $370

November Ellen Egan (Alumnus & Parishioner) $310

December Richard Genninger (Alumnus & Parishioner) $480

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