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Requiescant in Pace- All Souls Day

Requiescant in Pace: All Souls Liturgy and Remembrance will be held on Thursday, November 2nd at 6pm at Blessed Sacrament

The Annual All Souls Liturgy and Remembrance will be held on Thursday, November 2nd at 6pm at Blessed Sacrament. At this time a candle will be lit in the memory of all those who have died from the parish this past year (November 2022 through the present). At the end of Mass, a family member can take a candle home and be able to inscribe the name of the deceased on it.

Blessed Sacrament:

November 2022

Mary Jo Macri

John A. Murphy

Marlene Dennis

Lawrence LaBella, Sr.

Robert Krause

December 2022

Rita Bross

Mary Wyskida

Dominic Fortuno

January 2023

Rosemary DeJoseph

Madeline Cutri

Danielle Forgensi

February 2023

Antoinette Ventresca

Mary Extale

Donna Bell

March 2023

Helen Sikorski

Dory Firley

April 2023

Joseph Metallo, Sr.

Betty Schug

Anna Louise

Angela Cantonetti

Edmond L. Cowan

May 2023

Connie Hall

Bridget Patricia Fitzgerald

Mary Zucco

Norma Nendza

Carl Bauder

June 2023

Maria DeRose

Rose O'Connor

Joseph Zucco

Gerard "Gerry" Zutant

July 2023

Barbara Stachelek

James Nojaim

August 2023

Catherine Lesczynski

Barbara Mangicaro

September 2023

Janet Popenfuss

Rose Ilacqua

October 2023

Daniel Grace

Jean Bonito

Edward DeSocio

St. Vincent de Paul:

November 2022

James De Stefano

January 2023

Lena "Lee" Aragoni

Nora Libertone

Marian F. Parolin

Theresa Santillo

February 2023

Cecelia Galli Falter

Robert Pucello

April 2023

Carl Spagnolo

Philip J. Lyman

May 2023

Gilda Falco

June 2023

Madeline Duda

August 2023

Wolff Garritano

September 2023

Lueth Mo

Dhal Apet

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