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"LIVE" from St. Vee's!



Returning thespians, Kristen Burr, Jeffrey Burr, Mary Burr, Bob James, Valerie

James, Tom Klementowski, Jennifer Kline, Chris Knapp, Helen Knapp, Tom

Knapp, Tracy Molta, Dan Modugno, Jenn Modugno, Sue Overton, Michael Roth,

Katie Stanczyk and Tim Winterfield welcomed newcomers Mary Anne Ciccarelli,

Helen Knapp and Vincenzo Mangan to their troupe of players for an evening of

mayhem and fun.

Special thanks to Bob James, Our Producer Extraordinaire! The production would not have been possible without his dedication, diligence, and hard work. He is an amazing leader

in addition to being an all-around nice guy!

Here is a brief rundown of the skits that entertained our audience (and ourselves!)

-A group of 10 women come together each week to complain about their husbands

in “HUSBANDS ANONYMOUS.” The moderator of the group, Katie Stanczyk tries

to keep order, but Mary Anne Ciccarelli has something to say about what almost

everyone else has to say. The other members of the group are Kristen Burr, Mary

Burr, Valerie James, Jennifer Kline, Chris Knapp, Helen Knapp, Tracy Molta, Jenn

Modugno and Sue Overton.

-“SEAN HANNITY” (Time Winterfield) and surprise guest, former President Donald

Trump (Jeff Burr), started the evening off by announcing that Donald Trump

would be looking to an overlooked group of voters, “ex-cons” for help in winning

the election.

-A burglar, Tom Klementowski, pretends to be Alexa because he unplugged the

device to rob it.

-Kristen Burr tries to use cash at a credit card only DVD Store while clerk, Helen

Knapp, tries to explain the store is “CASHLESS” and calls on her supervisor,

Valerie James, for assistance.

-Mary Burr likes to look out the window at what is happening ‘ACROSS THE

ROAD” while her husband reads the newspaper and is only interested in what’s

for dinner. Mary thinks her neighbors, who are away, are donating things from

their house to charity. It was shocking for her to realize the items were from house which was her house that was being robbed while she peered out the window.

-Gracie Land (Sue Overton) hosts a 2023 ULTIMATE TRIBUTE TO ELVIS PRESLEY

CONTEST. Fans, hyperventilating Mary Burr, Mary Anne Ciccarelli who was

hoping to see some gyrating while Valerie James, Jenn Modugno and Mary Anne

were ready to “Rock and Roll All Night.” Contestant #1, Pierre (Tim Winterfield)

sang or rather lip synced “Always on My Mind”, Contestant #2, Cliff (Dan

Modugno) lip synced “Hound Dog”, contestant #3 Cody (Bob James) lip synced

“Are You Lonesome Tonight”, contestant #4 Riley (Kristen Burr) lip synced “In

The Ghetto” while Brook (Tom Klementowski) lip synced & Jail House Rock.” Mary

Anne got her wish and saw lots of gyrating! The judges, Elton John (Jeff Burr),

Priscilla Presley (Tracy Molta) and Taylor Swift (Helen Knapp) couldn’t decide on

a winner and left it up to the audience to decide. They selected Cody (Bob James)

and he was crowned the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Champion.

-In “CALL CENTER,” Mary Burr plays a less than bright trainee for the Super

Budget Insurance Company, while her yelling supervisor/trainer, Mary Anne

Ciccarelli becomes more and more frustrated. Mary was brighter than one

thought as she soon discovers that the goal of each call is to deny claims. When

she was pronounced ready to take her first call, she was no match for Michael

Roth, who soon outsmarted her but not until he had to call three times because

Mary, following the training manual, hung up on him twice, in order to make a


-Katie Stanczyk played God in “GOD’S VISIT” while Bob James played the

confused visited person who called on God by saying “Oh, God.” God had a few

things to say about being irresponsibly called upon!

-In “THE LITTLE COUNTRY STAR,” narrated by Tracy Molta, Vincenzo Mangan

played the grandson of Michael Roth and Sue Overton. His wish was to be able to

sing a Christmas song at the Grand Ole Opry with his grandfather who once

performed there. Since Christmas is a time for miracles, it actually happened!

Many thanks go out to those who supported this endeavor and attended the

Dress Rehearsal on Friday or the Live Performance on Saturday. Judging by the

laughs and applause, a fun time was had by all! Speaking as a cast member, it

was, indeed, great fun!

Written by newcomer, Mary Anne Ciccarelli

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