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lgnatian Volunteer Corps of Syracuse

The lgnatian Volunteer Corps of Syracuse is accepting applications to join our service ministry. The lgnatian Volunteer Corps (IVC) provides men and women, age 50 or above, opportunities to share their life skills and wisdom in service to our community's most vulnerable. IVC corps members' ministry of presence, upholds the dignity of those we serve and those with whom we serve while advancing our non-profit partners' mission. IVC corps members commit to serve in social service organizations, schools, and non-profits for 1 to 2 days weekly for ten months. We have many opportunities available to serve our community. In addition, we meet monthly, to prayerfully reflect on our service and to deepen our spirituality in the lgnatian tradition.

Are YOU Interested in Providing Service? Contact: Linda Zimmerman, Regional Director- IVC Syracuse. 375.480.4229 -Cell. IVC- Syracuse

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