Updated: Dec 7, 2021

ST VINCENT’S RECIPIENTS OF 2021 IMMACULATA AWARD: This past Sunday Bishop Lucia conferred the 2021 Immaculata Awards to more than 120 nominees from parishes around the diocese. St. Vincent DePaul Church nominated two twin sisters: Christina Knapp and Mary Burr. The two twin sisters have been remarkable in their service to God and the church at large. They have been an integral part of the wellbeing of St. Vincent DePaul Parish. As the parish we are much indebted by their volunteering spirit. Their faith journey which began at their baptism, continued throughout their life to the present. Their love of God and the Church is incredible. They have worked in many ministries of our parish as members of Altar Rosary Society, teachers of Religious education, liturgy, youth ministry, trustees, and Summer Bible School. Both have worked on parish fund raising skirts on plays and monitors of fish fry Committee. They have raised their children in the Catholic faith and invited them to be active participants in church activities such as altar servers and confirmation volunteers. They are also members of the Day Care Committee. The list of their parish involvement and positive thinking is incredible. Both sisters have always worked as one. They are a good example of joint participation. Congratulations to Chris and Mary as recipients of the 2021 Immaculata Award.

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