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Blessed are the Mothers who.....

-love the word of God, for their children shall know of the way, the truth, and the life.

-understand their children, for they shapp inherit a kingdom of memories.

-know how to comfort, for they shall posses a child's devotion.

-did without for their children, for they will be rewarded.

-guide by the path of righteousness, for they shall be proud of her offspring.

-lost sleep when their children were sick, for they will find rest.

-taught us right from wrong, for they will know justice.

-taught their children to pray, for she will share God's kingdom.

-love to pray, for their children shall feel the power of prayer.

-love to be companions to their children, for they shall be called understand Mothers.

-love to fight life's battles bravely with a strong and steadfast faith in God, for their children shall know where to find strength in time of needs.

-can look back upon memory's wall with no regret and can say, "I brought my children up in the fear of the Lord.

-taught the importance of loving God and each other, for they shall see God.

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