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From the St Vincent de Paul Parish/Alumni Newsletter February 2024- Oh Good St. Anne by Ann Gorton

Oh Good St. Anne

by Ann Gorton

Not many churches today can claim having a Novena for 129 consecutive years but we here at St. Vincent’s can do just that! Our tribute to St. Anne, mother of Mary, has been carried on since St. Vincent’s was founded by Fr. Dougherty in the late 1890s. On July 24-26, 2023, St. Vincent’s hosted 3 special servants of God. Our first night, Bishop Douglas Lucia visited our church for Mass and spoke of his special connection to St. Anne. He was so glad to be able to join us and experience our family on the hill. Padre Amedeo Guida, currently serving in the Utica area, did a healing Mass along with a tribute to St. Anne. Father drew over 200 participants that evening with the assistance of Deacon Dan Money from Sacred Heart in Cicero, and his beloved St. Raphael Ministry followers. Visitors brought their own water, salt and olive oils along with any religious items they wished blessed. Fr. Severine Yagaza also assisted in the healing ceremony. So many people came forward to experience the physical, emotional and spiritual transformation occurring. Our final night, Fr. Stephen Wirkes, pastor of St. Matthew’s in East Syracuse, St. Mary’s in Minoa, and St. Francis of Assisi in Bridgeport reminisced about his first assignment at St. Vee’s as a priest under Fr. Alfred Nortz and explained how it was Fr. Nortz who lit the fire for his “forever devotion” to St. Anne. In keeping with Father’s sense of humor, he pointed out that certain parishioners were much “younger” back in the early 80s, but were still present that evening for the worship! Over 3 days, 497 visitors came to St. Vincent’s and shared in the 129th Devotion. We would love to see YOU in the pews this July.

Set aside July 24-26, 2024 to come join us and venerate the grandmother of Jesus, St. Anne!

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