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Celebrating our Volunteers at Blessed Sacrament!

We celebrate our volunteers at Blessed Sacrament on our feast day! No matter what service is given, every ounce of volunteering is important. It is your time and talent that makes what you give so special. We are grateful to all of the volunteers in the various ministries, committees, teams, groups – anywhere and in any way you have given so freely of your time.

People who have helped others and expected nothing in return have existed for hundreds of years. Ben Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, was also the creator of the very first volunteer fire department that helped put out many Philadelphia fires. Florence Nightingale, often called the mother of modern nursing, was just as much a hero as any of the soldiers fighting in the war when she cared for the wounded. Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta spent most of her life in India caring for the suffering. Many have changed the world for the better forever.

Volunteering is the charitable work done without monetary pay or compensation. Often within a church, volunteers are members that want to use their talents to aid the church and fulfill its needs with service and actions rather than money. Without volunteers, our churches would be a shell of what they are. After all – it is the people who make the church.

Thank you for all you do!

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