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Become a Eucharistic Minister at Blessed Sacrament

EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: Blessed Sacrament Church is returning back to normalcy from our Covid restrictions with the return of Extraordinary Eucharistic ministers of the Body of Christ, starting in January 2023. If you are interested in serving in this ministry, please contact the parish office at 375.437.3394, or email De. Michael Colabufo at Eucharistic ministers will have two training opportunities for the new procedures in distributing communion at Blessed Sacrament Church. De. Mike Colabufo will conduct the training sessions on Wednesday, Dec. 7 in the church at 6:30pm and on Tuesday, Dec. 8 in the church at 6:30pm. Attendance at a session is required before being placed on the Eucharistic Ministers schedule. Deacons are invited to attend a session to know the new procedures. Please give this ministry your kind and thoughtful consideration.

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