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First Reconciliation and First Eucharist:

WHAT is Reconciliation?

Reconciliation is the second sacrament of the Catholic Church. Often referred to as “confession” it is so much more than that. Reconciliation offers you the opportunity to unburden yourself of the sin you carry. It is not a judgment on you nor is it an absolute absolution. By sitting with a priest and openly sharing your sin you’re also welcoming in the Spirit to fill that void where sin once lived. You will often leave with prayers, meditations or suggestions on how to right a situation both between you and other individuals and you and God. WHO will be your child’s reconciliation confessor and WHEN will it happen? After completing their preparation, usually started in the fall, your child will meet one on one with a priest to make their “first confession.” While it seems silly to think that a second grader would have much to confess you would be surprised to know what they carry on their hearts. This also helps them begin to visualize that priests are not just the person who gives the homily on Sunday but someone they can turn to at trying times for council and help.

WHAT is the Eucharist?
The Eucharist or Holy Communion is the act of sharing in the body and blood of Jesus. Those oh so tasty communion wafers are eaten to signify that we are fully allowing Christ to enter our bodies, to become one with Him. It is also a reenactment of the Last Supper. A moment in Christian history where Jesus sat, ate and taught his disciples on the night before he was to be arrested.


WHO will be at your child’s First Eucharist and WHEN will it happen?
Like your child’s baptism, the sacrament of First Eucharist is celebrated with the entire
congregation. What a beautiful moment to share with your Christ brothers and sisters as your child takes yet another step on their faith journey! Usually, First Eucharist will happen in the spring and the completion of their second-grade faith formation class.

A few side notes:
How old does my child have to be?
First Reconciliation and First Eucharist are combined into one year of your child’s faith formation classes. Often this would be in their second-grade year, however, exceptions are welcomed and encouraged. It is NEVER too late to help your child start their faith journey.

For more information on dates and enrollment please call (315-479-6689), email
( or visit the parish office. In addition, check back here often for a
complete schedule of classes for the year.

CATECHISTS NEEDED Actively seeking catechists for all grades to help instruct in our Youth Program. Contact Youth Minister, Zach Martin at

For individual questions see Faith Formation Director Kim Mann at

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